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I'm absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring Grandma Tuskmon to life in Monsters at Work Season 2.
I really enjoyed the entire process of creating this character and definitely will always be grateful to my supervisor and the entire team at Icon Creative Studios for giving me complete confidence in my work.
I was responsible for all modeling, sculpting, texturing, detailing and lookdev for body, clothes and accessories (walking stick).


Congrats to everyone that was involved in it.

All images copyright @ The Walt Disney Company

MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G1_A.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G2_A.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G3_B.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G3_A.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G1_C.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G3_D.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G2_C.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G3_C.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G1_D.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G2_D.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Grandma Tuskmon_G1_B.jpg
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