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Another character I had the absolute pleasure of bringing to life was Alistair Clawbottom! Modeling this elderly male monster was a thrilling experience, as I uncovered the rich history and mystery surrounding him. I'm grateful to the entire team at Icon Creative Studio for this incredible opportunity. As the responsible artist for modeling, body, clothes, and accessories, I was fully immersed in Alistair's world and loved every moment of it. Thank you again to the team for trusting me with this project.

All images copyright @ The Walt Disney Company

MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_D.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_C.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_B2.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_B.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_F.jpg
MAW_S2_HZ_Alistair Clawbottom_E.jpg
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